Singing Builds Confidence

Singing at school increases confidence in kids and gets them in touch with their feelings, according to a Reading school teacher.

Glyn Murphy who teaches at South Lake Primary School has been getting her pupils involved in singing and teaching them songs like Coldplay's Viva La Vida and traditional African folk songs.

The initiative to get primary aged children singing, is thought to help them with confidence, making friends and mixing with children of all ages.

Glyn told Heart how singing's helped the school kids:

"It builds their confidence. Some of our least able children have really found their niche in coming to the singing groups and just joining in with their class,it helps them to learn their words and articulate their feelings."

Zack, who's a pupil at South Lake Primary, says singing makes him feel good - he likes singing Colplay with his classmates. Whereas Katie, says singing helps her express her feelings and makes her feel confident. Sam likes singing because he says its fun and releases tension.

Mrs Murphy agrees - she says everyone can join in even if they cant sing.

"Singing helps them learn words and articulate their feelings."

'Sing Up' is part of the National Singing Programme that aims to put music at the heart of school children’s lives. Supported by £40 million of government funding, it includes online help for primary school teachers and parents to encourage children to sing every day. The resource consists of a website of lesson plans and tips for introducing singing into the classroom, as well as audio tracks and easy to follow music.

The overall aim is to ensure that all schools for primary-aged children throughout England are ‘singing schools’ by 2011.