Soldiers get a 'taste' of life in Afghanistan

21 March 2011, 12:36 | Updated: 21 March 2011, 12:45

Territorial Army Soldiers in the Thames Valley are getting a sneak preview of what rations would be like in Afghanistan.

Today a group of TA soldiers gathered in the Thames Valley to get a first taste of the new ration packs being given out to soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan.

Some of them are preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan later this year.

As well as costing the MOD 30% less than their previous ration packs, they are also a lot lighter and create less waste.

The old ration packs needed a special stove to heat the main meal, but the new ones have a special plastic bag that will cook something like bolognese in just a few minutes.

In their 12 hour pack, soldiers can expect to get a main meal, long-life sandwich, nuts, sweets, energy drinks and beef jerky (just like the American troops!).