"We need a new home!"

15 February 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 15 February 2010, 17:06

Nearly five hundred animals in North Hampshire need a new home, after a farm has been forced to relocate.

Miller's Ark, based at Roke Farm near Odiham, is looking for a new site to house all of its animals. It is after their landlady of 18 years sold the property. The new landlord now wants to turn it into a family home and needs the land the farm uses.

Elizabeth Miller, from Roke Farm, gave Heart a tour, "We have nearly five hundred animals, ranging from a Shire Horse who's a quarter of a tonne, right down to rabbits, guinea pigs and little bantum chickens, with donkeys, sheep, cattle, pigs and goats inbetween."

Elizabeth said as well as breeding animals at the farm, they also educate children with a mobile farm, "We started a few years ago when there was a call from schools to bring animals in to fit with the National Curriculum. So we take in a mini farmyard to local schools and nurseries for the children to enjoy, to feed the animals and groom them and learn about wool and eggs and the food chain."

"If the children can respect the animals and have fun with them at an early age they will treat them much better when they are adults. It also means they can learn about things like the food chain and life and death, which are very important to understanding bigger human issues."

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The farm is now looking for a new home so it can continue it's important work educating children and breeding rare breeds for local small holders.

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