West Berks Families Emergency Planning

16 June 2010, 06:00

A booklet giving advice to help families prepare for emergencies is being sent out to every home in West Berkshire.

The guide includes information on what to do if there's a fire, a flood, really bad weather, and even an outbreak of infectious disease.

There's also space for you to write in emergency contact details.

It's been put together by several organisations such as local councils, the NHS, Thames Valley Police, Berkshire Fire and Rescue and the Environment Agency, with the hope people will use it and be prepared if the worst does happen.

Anthony Stansfeld, West Berkshire Executive Councillor for Community Safety said:

“Knowing what to do in an emergency will help to protect your family, friends and neighbours so reading and completing this new guide will help with the important preparations we should all make just in case.” 

Carolyn Merison, who's the Civil Contingencies Manager at West Berkshire Council, said:

"There are risks out there, and this is just a few top tips on how you can be prepared and make sure you have all your key, essential numbers available. Scrabbling around when a property's flooded or on fire is not what you want to be doing."

Click here to listen Heart's interview with Carolyn.

Emergency Booklet