Lose a stone before Cuba!

Can Michelle get back into her jeans before her holiday to Cuba?

Taken on 19th October 2010

Michelle tries on her fave jeans!

Well here’s me in my fave jeans and I can’t do them up !! I know it’s shameful and I’m so cross with myself. So the challenge I’ve set myself is to lose at least a stone and be able to get them back on. I’m off on my hols in the first week of December and how great will it be if I can wear them to the airport ?!!!

At the moment I can’t do them up even if I lay on the floor !! Believe me I’ve tried, so I’m asking you if you’ve an item of clothing that you love and can’t fit in any more why not join me in my Cuba challenge ! I’ll keep you posted on my weekly weight loses or gains J ! Come on we can do it and we’ll feel great just in time for all the parties over Christmas.