Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

To my lovely girls

To my lovely girls who ran the whole way in memory of there nan well done sophie sadie and sarah you did it.

Well done Alex

Well done to our daughter Alex for completing her 2nd Race for Life this year in 31mins again well done we are very proud of you, Loads of Love Mum and Dad xx

You did it

Well done Amanda Hughes for taking part in the Race for Life at Street I know how hard it was for you, but you did it xx

Well Done, Long Sutton Crew

We were all successful in the Race for Life at Street. We all raced to support this special charity. I know that my friend, who lost her fit in June, was with me every step of the way supporting and helping me to finish the course (having learnt to walk again).
Wonderful ladies from Long Sutton. So proud of us all xx

Janet Kelly

Well done janet kelly for running it in such a good time well done lots of love hubby and roxy xxxxxx

Kirsten Epps

Well done for doing the Race for Life at Sherbourne Castle.  I'm so proud of you. Love you lots
Mum xxxx

Eloise Epps

Well done for doing the Race for Life at Sherbourne Castle.  I'm so proud of you. Love you lots.
Mum xxxx


I am taking part in the race for life in Sherborne as my mum lost her battle against ovarian cancer, i feel this is a way that i can be close to my mum her knowing that i am doing something good and helping to fight against the battle with cancer. I only lost my mum in Februrary, so from now on i will be taking part in the race for life and collecting sponsers to try and beat this horrible disease. I love you mum and i know that you were with me every step of the way supporting and helping me to finish the course. i love you so much mum and wish i could have a cuddle and a big kiss from you, and for you to tell me that everything is going to be ok xxxx

Weight Watcher Girls from Monmouth Hall, Yeovil

Well done girls on completing The Race for Life at Sherborne Castle! A great effort by you all for a very good cause.
Nick Davison.

Vicky and sis

Well done to vicky and sis for running the race! We are all so proud of you!
Love Toni and family xx

From Annemarie

Well done sue,louise knew you could do it. Dottie

Somerset Care at Home

Well done to all the Somerset Care at Home Bunnys!

Amy and Imogen

I am so proud of my daughters Amy and Imogen and my nieces Tanrith, Tabatha and Tamara for taking part in this years race for life with me at Sherbourne Castle, we all had a great time and it was a lovely way to remember two very special people, who will be forever in our hearts, our Nan and Grandad xxx


So proud of my daughter Maisie who did her first Race For Life today at Sherborne in 46 mins with her very proud Mum right by her side... Ohh by the way Maisie is 12 years old xxx

Lucy Coombes and her gang

I walked the Race for Life in Sherborne today with a wonderful group of girls. They had the faith that this 67 yr old Granny could do it and do it we did. It was a great and fun day and thankyou to everyone who organised such an event.We all have loved ones that we have lost and miss, we did it for them.
Racy Rosy

Somerset Care at Home

Well done all the Somerset Care at Home ladies! All bunnies completed the race!! x

Sam, Gina, Kot

Well done so proud of you for doing it with me this year even after gina only having an op a week ago well done love you both Lisa xxxx

Karen and Julie Grierson

Well done my future sister in laws!!! You did grand xx

Chloe Jones

Well done to my daughter Chloe Jones, Mummy & Daddy is very proud of you. Who is only aged 3 Who did the race of life on 13/6/10 in 57 mins with me her mummy and her 2 Aunties.

Karin Bishop

Well done to our mum Karin Bishop not only have you beaten Cancer but you have also completed two Race of Life races.
Well Done
Judith, Peter and Sarah
xx from Oscar and Jasper


We did the race for life 13/06/10 in Bristol. myself my sister and a good friend. We completed it in 57mins. The day was brill a fantasic atmospher. My mum was diagnosed with cancer last year. So mum your fight has kept me going to complete this race for life. A big welldone to everybody who took part. you should be very proud of yourselves.

Kat, Alex and Zoe

Well done lovelies!  You all did really well.  We are so proud of you. 
The Mums xxxx

Livvy and Liz

Congratulations to Livvy Miles & Liz Jenkins on completing their first ever Race for Life in just over 30 minutes.  Well Done Girls. xxx

Laura And Natalie Prewett

My sister and I ran the 5k today (12/06/10) very proud of us!! We did it in loving memory of our family members that have lost their battles with cancer and for all those that are continuing to fight! Good on all the ladies that ran today, you truly are amazing x

Lesley Alford

My two girls and i did the race for life today for my partners mum and my girls nan Carol and many others who are affected and who died of cancer xx

Stephen Clarke

I lost both my mum and my auntie and i just want to say thanks to all who take part and for the support this money provides, i would not been able to cope with out the support of all the cancer care support team , so thanks to all and please continue to support this worth while cause , steve


Very well done Dot! In 1 hour 7 mins. We're all all proud.... Love Samm & Anna-Marie

Sue Newman and Sarah Lawrence

Many congratulations to my wife Sue Newman and sister Sarah Lawrence for completing the 10k walk,they completed the "Race for life" in memory of Sue's mum Jean Burgess who recently lost her battle with cancer and also for mine and Sarah's dad who also lost his battle with cancer in 2004. Really proud of you both and very inspiring seeing all those people complete their walks.


I did the Race for Life yesterday in Weston in memory of my beloved son Gareth Wilkinson who lost his battle with cancerin 2008 aged just 27 years.

Sam and Jess Fordy & Debbie Fortescue

Very well done to the three of you, realy proud and honoured to have you as my friends and for doing this Race for Life.... Well Done
Julie xxx


I ran this as a challenge for myself and got a few of my girly friends to come along too!!
Such a worthwhile cause - I ran in memory of not only those that lost their battle but for those still fighting.
My amazing group of girls: Dawn, Laura, Nats & Steph should all be very proud.
Well Done Team x x

Sallyann Day

My nan beat breast cancer but couldn't beat prostate cancer and we lost her in January. She was a remarkable lady and has left a huge hole in our lives. I did the race 4 life in weston for her and for everyone blighted by this horrible killer...

Samantha Stockham

I took as my mother in law survived a battle with breat cancer. We have also lost members of the family to cancer, we still remember you Ann Kingston. I have also been affected with friends surviving cancer; Hazel Gardner, Carol Patrick, Nicky Halford. My 8 year old daughter, Natasha and I are doing the Race for Life in Weston today. We are jogging, walking, whatever it takes for the memory of all the brave women who lost their battles and the ones who survived as well. xxxx

Tracy Buck

Really proud of my better half Tracy Buck for raising lots of money for this worthwhile cause and completing the race with a good time! Well done darling! XXXX