Arnos Vale Re-Opens

Arnos Vale-one of the UK’s finest Victorian cemeteries is officially re-opening after a 5 million pound project to restore it to its former glory.

After being neglected for around 50 years the cemetery had become overgrown and the buildings in a very poor condition.

Rachel Schofield is Chief Executive of the Charity now running the site. She told Heart "The buildings were in a really poor condition. They were extremely damp and collapsing. You can see in the landscaping and the paths that we've made the site a lot more accessible. The site was extremely overgrown after 40 to 50 years of neglect. "

The site is now being run as a heritage, education and wildlife centre. Rachel added "We are actually managing wildlife habitats here and we've got quite a number of rare species on site, it's absolutely fantastic for wildlife here and your really need to come and explore."