Breast Cancer Group Therapy

Bristol Charity the Harbour is offering a free therapeutic group for people with breast cancer, meeting once a week for a year.

They think it's the first such group in the area for around a decade.

Group analytic therapist Julie Wilde says "People experience breast cancer in very different ways. Some might feel isolated, others overwhelmed with anxiety and thoughts about the future, and it can be hard to talk about with family and friends. A group can help people recognise they are not alone, and offers and opportunity to explore and understand your feelings in a safe and supportive environment."

This group is open to anyone with breast cancer, and will draw upon group members life experiences to help them make sense of what they are facing. it will help participants communicate more effectively, which can help their relationships in every day life, with family, friends, and colleagues. As a result people can fee more supported by those around them, which reduces stress and makes the whole experience more bearable.

The harbour is a small local charity offering counseling to people affected by life threatening illness. Currently all the provision is for individual or couple counseling: this will be the first group to form for a decade and more groups are expected to follow later in the year.

If you want to find out more, you can check out The Harbour website by clicking the link on the right or call 0117 925 9348.