Bristol mother and son recover from M.E.

Pippa Adamson from Fishponds had M.E. for 20 years when her son, Callum, was himself diagnosed with the illness when he was 13.

M.E. leaves people with it suffering from exhaustion, muscle fatigue and other symptoms.

Pippa has told Heart "My life was a constant struggle...I couldn't walk more than a 100 metres a lot of the time.  Everything felt hard....Callum was able to go to school for only a couple of hours a day.  Otherwise he was just resting, not even able to watch TV much of the time."

Pippa then paid for a something called The Lightning Process which involved them going away for a 3 day course. Pippa says they both began to get better straight away.  Callum, now 15, plays basketball for Bristol Storm under 16s and cycles to school every day. 

Pippa has told Heart she can understand people being sceptical about the The Lightning Process - "I was sceptical myself...I thought it couldn't be true and I thought it was expensive.  I understand all that people say about it critically...and yet all I can say is that it changed our lives very quickly."

Pippa will be telling her story at a free talk in Bristol on Tuesday 13th April in Redland.  It's at The Friends Meeting House on Hampton Rd in Redland at 5.30pm.