Bristol mum's Everest challenge

28 year old Carrie-Anne Aldridge from Brislington was a mum with a 9 month old son when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in December 2008.  Carrie-Anne told Heart about the moment she was told the news: "I was with my mum at the time, and I realised it was quite serious when I turned around and saw her crying her eyes out. The day after I found out I had cancer my son was taken into hospital with pneumonia so I didn't really think about my cancer - I was too busy looking after him really".

During her treatment at St Michael's Hospital a decision was taken to perform a radical hysterectomy.  Carrie-Anne now has regular check ups and told Heart: "Doctors keep an eye on me and every 3 months I go for checks...they never say 100 per cent gone but I feel alright and I will just beat's fine! I am a positive person"

Now Carrie-Anne wants to raise money for The Willow Foundation a charity that arrange special experiences for seriously and terminally ill young people aged between 16 and 40 years old.  For Carrie-Anne they arranged a day at Silverstone to watch Formula 1.  Now Carrie-Anne is preparing to trek to Everest base camp to raise money for The Willow Foundation and she is organising a Cinderella Ball at The Marriott Royal Hotel on College Green on August 14th.  To buy tickets or to help with fundraising please call 07842 754 482

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