Bristol shops caught selling knives to child.

Trading standards officers in Bristol say 3 shops sold knives to a 15 year old volunteer in a series of test purchases.

The operation happened on July 7th where 7 shops across the city were visited. Of these 3 retailers, including a major high street chain, sold a knife to a minor.

Cabinet member Cllr Gary Hopkins has told Heart: "This is a disturbing result. These were not pocket knives, the potential weapons sold were all capable of inflicting major injuries if used irresponsibly. We’re urging shops to act responsibly and ask for proof of age for the sale of all age restricted products. We take illegal sales very seriously, and any traders who sell knives to underage persons will be dealt with. We will be in contact with the retailers and examining their systems to find out why this has happened". 

"If this happens again we will start naming and shaming shopkeepers who act so irresponsibly and consider prosecution."