Bristol's Rubbish Culture

A company which specialises in promoting Bristol’s attractions to tourists claims visitors are being left with totally the wrong impression because of the City’s bin bag culture.


Warwick Hulme, who has operated the open top bus service in Bristol for the past 18 years, says people are regularly being confronted with piles of rubbish outside businesses, which should be ashamed of the image they are creating.


The City Sightseeing service introduces more than 15,000 visitors to the City’s major sights and historical monuments every year.


Mr. Hulme says the introduction of wheelie bins in the City Centre has simply exacerbated the problem.


“If it’s not bad enough seeing the piles of rotting foodstuff outside hotels and restaurants, there are the car parks of wheelie bins. It makes Bristol look like a third world City,” he complained.


“Bristol is a beautiful City with more Georgian buildings than Bath, but the lasting memory for many tourists is of the piles of rubbish and bins.”


City Sightseeing recently ran a campaign to get Castle Park cleaned up and Mr Hulme says he was delighted at the quick response from the City Council to start cleaning up the area.


“Now we need private businesses to take responsibility and understand the piles of rubbish they put out are creating the wrong impression for visitors to Bristol,” said Mr. Hulme. “It’s time we cleaned up our act!”