Every cloud has a....

For thousands of people the volcano ash cloud has brought misery and frustration.

But for one Bristol couple the cloud has a silver lining and helped to make a special moment even more memorable.

On Friday morning Robert Stockwell was listening to Heart and heard how the volcanic ash cloud was creating amazing sunsets.

Robert takes up the story,

"I have been planning on popping the big question for a while, and had a ring all set up ready to roll. I convinced the girlfriend, Marise, to take a drive down to Clevedon to check the sunset out. WOW it was worth it, I took lots of photos and then I managed to get her to take a couple of photos while we were on the beach. As she was doing so, U got down on one knee behind her. As she turned round, bammm diamond ring, the big  question, done!"

Here's your chance to look at some of Robert and Marise's photos.