Help Toby Walk

A Bristol family have just under a month to find £18,000 so their son can have a life changing operation in America.

Toby Cox has Cerebral Palsy which in particular affects his legs. It means he has to walk with a stick and prevents him from doing some activities with his friends.

An operation known as Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy could give him a normal life. But it's not available in the UK so the Cox family need to go to America for a month so he can be treated there. That will cost £36,000 pounds.

Toby's mum Donna told Heart 'he gets very cross that he's always it when they play Tag, so he's desperate to be able to run with his friends and not always be it. He wants to be able to go on the climbing frame by himself, he wants to go to the toilet by himself and get up to mischief and overflow the sinks....ordinary things that 5 year olds do but he can't because he’s always got to have an adult with him.'

She also said it's heartbreaking to watch him struggle with games in the school yard 'he's such a happy and a strong little kid, but he does notice. He says to me, why do I have to have brain damage, why do I have to have Cerebral Palsy? He now knows we are working as hard as we can to try and make his life a little bit better.'

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