Keynsham MP: Somerdale Has a Future

Keynsham MP Dan Norris says there is hope for the future of the Somerdale site.

The American Food Giant Kraft has announced that the Cadbury's factory there will close by the end of the year with the loss of 400 jobs. But Mr Norris says the land could be used for a food park, with new food manufacturers coming to the town. He told Heart "The planning permission is there because of the chocolate factory. There are great transport links and Keynsham is a town full of hardworking people, thats why the unemployment here has been at one of the lowest rates in the country"

Local Campaigners have also called for a boycott of Cadbury Products after Kraft's decision to carry on moving production to Poland. Mr Norris told Heart "Will I personally buy Cadbury Chocolate? I won't for a while, I won't because I feel very let down, but I'm not saying other people should do the same as me cause my energies are better channelled doing whats right by the town rather than what I actually eat in terms of my chocolate."