Police: Arrest A Violent And High Profile Man

27 November 2013, 12:46

Avon and Somerset Police say they've arrested a violent and high profile suspect wanted for a number of assaults and thefts.

Officers met at Avonmeads Retail Park, where they briefed before visiting several addresses where they thought the suspect may have been hiding, in which they arrested a man. 

Chief Inspector Bill Halsey confirmed: 

'Yesterday morning officers from my team proactively targeted an individual who was wanted on a number of court warrants for assaults and several theft offences. 

'He had evaded capture on previous occasions over the past few days but following good investigative work my officers discovered new addresses for the suspect. 

'They met at Avonmeads Retail Park to co-ordinate the arrest attempts, briefing from their cars. The officers did not buy any food although some officers did have a hot drink, while they were briefing.'

'Police arrested a 20-year-old man from Bristol - at one of the addresses.

Chief Inspector Bull Halsey continued:

'I have nothing but admiration for these officers. Without prompting, they used their initiative to plan and execute a well-thought out operation. 

'They briefed at a public car park near to the target addresses and then arrested the suspect, who had been wanted for some time. 

'Unfortunately people are quick to jump to conclusions and on this occasion the photograph of the police vehicles gave the public the wrong impression of what our hard-working staff were planning.'