Safer Internet Day

A new animated films been released to try and teach kids how to stay safe on the net. It comes after new research shows nearly 80 percent of kids aged 5-7 are using the net.

Tuesday February 9th 2010 is  Safer Internet  Day - aiming to raise awareness amongst parents about how to keep children safe when they're online.

More than a quater of parents say they're worried about the content of a site their 5-7 year old has be looking at with a further 1 in 5 worried about who they are in contact with online.

Vicky Gillings is a spokesperson for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Cente. (CEOP) She told Heart  "One of the massive areas for concern is personal information. It's not enough to explain to kids that they shouldn't give out personal information online. You have to remember they might not understand what personal information is. They might not realise that the name of their school is personal information to them and that they shouldn't be sharing it on sites like facebook."

"The video Lee and Kim's adventure is a child friendly way of getting the message across and giving them vital skills to stay safe online today and in the future."