Self-diagnosis book by Westcountry doctor

A recent survey of GPs found a staggering 95 per cent said their patients google their symptoms before visiting the doctor.  NHS Direct Online gets around 21 million visits a year. However OTHER internet sites can give confusing and conflicting information.

There are fears it's leading to a rise in so called 'cyberchondria' - people who look online for what COULD be wrong with them and pick the worst case scenario.  Now a family doctor from the Westcountry has written a book which he hopes will become a 'family health bible' for people to self-diagnose without panicking themselves uneccessarily.

Dr Knut Schroeder, who also lectures at the University of Bristol, says 'Diagnosing Your Health Symptoms for Dummies' covers over 100 common, important, potentially serious and often worrying symptoms but as well as proving reassurance.

Click to listen to our reporter Duncan's interview with Dr Knut.