Shelterbox Everest Challenge

An Avon and Somerset policeman is taking a year off work to climb Everest with a shelterbox.

The Shelterbox charity deliver their boxes of aid to disaster areas across the globe like the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Volunteer Dom Pickett is now going to carry one of the boxes to the top of the world’s tallest mountain to show that there is nowhere one earth that the charity can't get too.

He's taking a year off to train on peaks around the world in preparation for the ultimate challenge.

He told Heart 'I went to Kyrgyzstan, there was an earthquake on the border with China, a village got demolished and we had to arrange a passage of boxes through the mountains. So it was arranging logistics with the government and trying to get the boxes where they were needed.'

He also said the challenge of Everest is a bit daunting 'it's weird, one day you are excited and positive about it then other days the enormity of what it's going to take to get to the top really hit you. It’s just a case of making sure I do the training, look after myself and get a bit of luck on the way.'

You can sponsor Dom by going to his website via the link on the right.