Shocking Road Safety Stats

One in Eleven children in the Southwest say they've been hit by a car with more than half saying they've had a near miss.

The shocking stats come from the road safety charity Brake during road safety week 2010. 87% of children they surveyed added that drivers go too fast outside their school. 

The charity is calling for 30 zones to be reduced to 20 mile per hour limits around urban areas where there are schools and homes. 

Spokesman Joel Hickman told Heart ' If you are driving at 30mph, the current limit, you would actually hit the child at 27mph given stopping distances and reaction times. Thats the equivalent of a child falling from the top of a 3 storey building. Just imagine that, a child falling from a 3 storey building and the terrible injuries that would cause.'

He added 'Research by the department of transport actually shows us that every week on UK roads 4 children under 18 are killed and 80 more are seriously injured. Most of these, about 60 percent, involve children on foot or on bicycles. So it's the biggest killer of children in society.

Wiltshire mum Caroline Hannah's son Tyrese was killed by a speeding driver at the age of 7. She's backing the campaign. You can hear and interview with her by clicking the link on the right.