SS Great Britain Movie Trailer

The trailer for a new animated film which will form the centre of the new exhibition at the SS Great Britain has been released.

'The Incredible Journey' trailer has been launched today to mark the 40th anniversary of the ship returning to Bristol.

Animators from the University of the West of England worked with people who actually worked on restoring the ship and it's epic journey on a floating platform across the Atlantic back in the 70's.

The full film will be released when the multi award winning attraction opens it's new exhibition in July.

The SS Great Britain Trust's Director of Museum and Educational Services Rhian Tritton said 'The animation demonstrates how creativity and people's memories can combine to make a stunning and emotionally moving piece of art. We hope that our contributors, those who gave us their memories, and the Bristolians who saw the ship return, as well as younger generations who have previously been unaware of the story will enjoy it.'