Yeo Valley Rappers Pass One Million Hits!

A viral advert featuring rapping farmers has had more than 1 million hits on Youtube and generated more than 38 thousand mentions on Twitter.

Twitter and Facebook campaigners called for the song to be released as a single and it has since reached number 17 in the R&B charts and at number 42 in the overall iTunes chart.

Yeo Valley Chief Exec Tim Mead told Heart 'We're really pleased with the reaction we've had from the public and the farming community. Most of the farming community are pretty chuffed that they are being seen as a bit cooler and a bit hipper. A lot of people who work in Agriculture are young, they aren't the stereotypical old farmer with a bit of straw in his mouth going ooo-arr. It's a very modern industry and people don't appreciate that.

He added 'Rap has always been used to tell stories and it tells things that are really good. We're really proud of our cows, proud of the land that we farm and we are proud of our tractors. So it' was natural really and with a name like Yeo Valley it was a bit of a no brainer really!'

If you still haven't heard the song or seen the video, you can check it out using the link on the right!