Explore @Bristol

@Bristol is a world of science at your fingertips, making learning fun.

Based in Bristol city centre, it's a charity-registered hands-on attraction with many zones of exploration. Through "Explore" you learn all about the human body, flight, the world around us and the world above us in a fun, yet educating way.

One of the things I really enjoyed (and could have spent hours playing around) was their "Animate-It!" section, based around Aardman Animations. You can learn how the animation process takes place with Morph and friends, then create your very own animation!

Here's the one I made, what do you think?

They also have a Planetarium, where you can explore the stars and planets at night and how to spot the constellations yourself.

At-Bristol is a fun day out for the family and I know it'll bring the big kid out in you!