Hard Rock Calling

I am a MASSIVE fan of Stevie Wonder and when I found out he'd be performing in the UK, I had to go. He didn't disappoint!

It was the weekend of the Glastonbury Festival and I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets to that, but I had to see Stevie Wonder perform, so I got my tickets to Hard Rock Calling in London's Hyde Park. I already knew this would be amazing!

I've been to Hard Rock Calling most years, but this was the one I was REALLY looking forward to. The weather was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere to seeing the legend perform on stage was electric.

I arrived into Hyde Park just in time to see the wonderful James Morrison, who, if you think has a great voice on his recorded material, you should see live.

After a short break, Jamiroquai were up next. I'd seen them live once before, but the band's been away for a while, so I knew they'd be full of energy. They definitely were. Sporting a massive feather hat (as only Jay Kay could) and doing his odd dances on stage, I somehow knew all the words to the songs, even though I'd not heard their material for a long time.

The evening started to draw in and there was one man I came to see. This was it. A funky bass started on stage and out walked Stevie Wonder with a guitar-keyboard, getting everyone in the crowd to follow his vocals. Even at 60, the man knows how to please his audience with hit after hit and his comical intros, I was in awe.

He even paid tribute to Michael Jackson by playing an instrumental of 'Human Nature', which the crowd (including myself) filled with vocals.

Even with the couple of ballads he performed, you couldn't help but dance to his chocolate-like vocals. Amazing.

Sunday saw Joshua Radin, Elvis Costello, Crowded House and Sir Paul McCartney take to the stage. Even though it's quite cool to say "I've seen a Beatle perform", I wasn't that intrigued, only knowing a few of his songs. But, nonetheless, he still rocked the crowd.

A firework extravaganza ended the evening and a great weekend.