Bristol: Turning Park Street Into A Park

8 April 2014, 06:00


A group of volunteers who want to turn Park Street into a real park in June still need nearly £14,000 to be able to make it happen.

They say Park Street is no longer seen as an destination point, which affects trade for local independent and national businesses, so they want to help build Park Street's identity again.

The first event will happen on Sunday 1st June, where Park Street will be turned into a pop up park with artificial grass, plants and trees. There will be lots to watch and experience too with street performers and a stage near college green, as well as interactive workshops in The Folk House for everyone to try.

Organisers say the whole event will cost nearly £20,000 to pay for things like the medical and security cover. Easy Grass have offered to provide the grass for free.

Donations towards the project can be made here.