Wookey Hole

Home of the infamous Witch of Wookey, the caves are a great day out for the family...

Wookey Hole is in Wells, Somerset and has a great story to it's history.

The caves themselves were formed through erosion of the limestone hills by the River Axe. You are taken around by a knowledgeable guide who tells you the story of the 'Witch of Wookey'.

Legend has it that a 'witch' lived in the caves and locals wanted rid of her, so they sent Father Bernard to do the job. The Witch ran through the caves to where the monk couldn't find her, so he threw holy water down, turning the witch into stone.

This is one of the many features pointed out to you whilst on the tour of the different chambers. Other formations resemble St. Paul's Cathedral and a stone dog (possibly the witch's).

Cave Divers often explore the caves and it's considered to be the birth place of cave diving.

There is so much to see and do at Wookey Hole apart from the caves themselves, including the Ice Age Valley, the Penny Arcade, the Paper Mill, the Wookey Hole Circus and much more.

If you wanted to explore the surrounding areas, a hotel is opening up this year.

The great thing about the attraction is you can enjoy it whatever the weather. Perfect family day out with so much to see and do.