Cambridge Torch Route - Saturday

Day 50: Saturday 7 July.

The torch will enter Cambridge at 1809 via Newmarket Road, close to the Cambridge Retail Park.

It will then make a right turn down Barnwell Road and continue along Brooks Road.

The flame will then make another right turn onto Brookfields, continuing on to Mill Road.

The relay will travel the length of Mill Road, before coming to a stop on Parker's Piece, the site of the evening celebrations.

Next stop: Cambridge (Sunday).

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Meet Cambridge's Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Mark Reynolds
Age: 26
From: Cheshunt 
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Matt Tweddle
Age: 21
From: Coventry
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Aimee Yates
Age: 38
From: Cambridge 
Nomination Story: Thousands of people across the UK suffer from eating disorders and I would like to offer them hope of recovery. I was seriously ill with anorexia spending 16 months in hospital. I am still recovering but would like to encourage others. On leaving hospital my G.P referred me to a gym and I was so weak I could only walk on the treadmill. A year on and I go to the gym 3 times a week and love sprinting on the treadmill. I enjoy being stronger and being able to use my body again. I would like to do all I can to raise awareness of the devastaing effect eating disorders are having on people's lives and let people know that help is out there and recovery is possible. Eventually I would like to set up support groups for sufferers in my area so people feel less alone and can have some support and guidance as they seek recovery.
Alastair Rayment Name: Alastair Rayment
Age: 21
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: It was a difficult birth. Our son was in distress, the doctors revived his fragile little body and we held him in our arms. We were so proud. Such a happy child. He lit up everyone's lives. A little behind with his milestones, but through persistent effort he always achieved. Years of tests followed. He was 3 ½ when we received the devastating news that our beautiful son had suffered brain damage during his birth. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and learning difficulties, it wouldn't stop him. Told he'd never play football for England he recently became British record holder for 5000m running with CP Sport. Alister, is now 20 and is proud that he has helped others by raising hundreds of pounds for charity, competing against able bodied athletes, and beating many. He's inspired to represent GB Paralympics team one day, and would be overjoyed to be an Olympic torchbearer.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Christine Ilman
Age: 62
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: Christine was a truly outstanding breaststroke swimmer, ranking 4th in the world, representing Great Britain in two Olympic and Commonwealth Games.. She won a scholarship to study under a National US coach, starting her career at the University of Alabama. On her return to the U.K she taught at The Leys School for 22 years and was also Head Coach of Cambridge City Swim Club. She set up an elite squad at the club, producing a clutch of national age group champions. She produced outstanding results year after year, winning the Aldenham Cup for the school. Christine is an inspirational coach who has the ability to get the best out of all levels of swimmer from beginners to the elite. Twelve years ago she set up a swim teaching programme at The Leys which now has over 300 children enrolled from in and around Cambridge. In her retirement she continues to teach and coach young people.
Holly Greenwood Name: Holly Greenwood
Age: 13
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: Holly Greenwood received support in her sporting endeavours from the Future Champions Progame a programme for gifted and talented able - bodied and disabled young athletes living in Cambridge who are competing at county or regional level and in need of grant aid. Holly plays soccer for Arsenal juniors, her achievements to date have been winning the Centre of Excellance Player of the year award. Holly has a dream to one day play for her Country which she will continue with all effort to acheiving her goal!
Neil Adams Name: Neil Adams
Age: 26
From: Huntingdon
Nomination Story: Neil Adams has Down's Syndrome. This hasnt stopped him from achieving a 2nd Dan Black belt at World tang Soo Do and competing for his country at their World Championships and getting a Gold Medal! He has also worked with other people with learning difficulties to set up training for Professional adults to help them to understand the different needs of his peers and how they can best help. He also helped to design a web page to help people to be able to understand voting. The team he was with won an award presented by The Speaker of the House of Commons. Neil doesnt let his disability hold him back, every day he strives to help someone else. He has set up A Hospital Passport with the aid of Addenbrookes hospital so that young people with a chronic illness can have all their needs documented so if they are admitted in an emergency or are unable to tell what their medication is or similar the hospital will have full details. He works a day a week in a local charity shop as a volunteer and takes part in fund raising events. A truly inspirational young man who has worked endlessly to help all people to show them that anyone can achieve their dream if they work hard enough. He wanted a black belt and although it took him longer than others he worked and worked until he got there and then worked harder for his second Dan. He is a genuine kind loving thoughtful young man and he would be a very worthy candidate to carry the Olympic Torch and would be proud to do so
Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka Name: Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka
Age: 26
From: London
Nomination Story: Tanya is a global citizen who constantly puts the hardships of others before her own needs she strives to make the word a better place.I am passionate about global citizenship to inspire young people in particular to contribute actively to their communities. In the future I hope to work at an international charity to focus on citizenship education that will develop individuals` interests in and commitment to their communities. I dream that people around the world will think globally and act locally as cosmopolitan citizens who work actively to improve their local communities by broadening their levels of cultural awareness and intercultural dialogue. My goal is that all young people learn foreign languages and have the opportunity to study volunteer or work abroad to strengthen the global connections between communities.
Tony Burton Name: Tony Burton
Age: 36
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: Tony is a Crew Manager in Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service where as part of his role has helped to develop new probationer firefighters but actively promotes a scheme in the local area aimed at getting the Road Safety message across to young adults (age 17-21). In Tony's free time he is a volunteer with a local Young Carers group which provides young people with a few hours away from their homes, an opportunity to have fun and meet new friends, and a chance to try out different things, such as a trip to Cambridge Fire Station or a day out at and Outdoor Centre in ThetGrafham Water. Alongside this Tony is always keen to get involved in local events to raise money for the Firefighters Charity and Burns Camp (a yearly camp for children who have suffered burns).
Zhiyong Pan Name: Zhiyong Pan
Age: 35
From: Guangzhou
Nomination Story: Zhiyong Pan(Patrick), well educated with two Master's degrees of both Communication and MBA, is now a young talent and an exponent in the field of Telecom and IT. Patrick has been working in the Telecom Industry for about 10 years. Being the General Manager of Guangdong Terminal Company of China Mobile Corporation Communication and the secretary of Guangdong Mobile Corporation Communication Board, he has always been passionate and devoted to his work. He is becoming a well-known expert in this profession.