£20 Million A14 Investment

29 November 2011, 13:52 | Updated: 29 November 2011, 14:05

The Chancellor George Osbourne has announced £20 million will be spent improving the A14.

The announcement came in the Chancellor's Autumn Budget Statement this lunchtime (Weds 30 Nov).

The document from the Treasury states: "The Government will invest £20 million to reduce congestion on the A14 including measures to improve junctions and increase resilience."

There will also be a review into the road, starting in September, where the government will review long term solutions to increasing congestion on the road.

The document states: "The Government will examine ways to increase the long-term capacity and performance of the A14 with the launch in early December 2011 of a large-scale engagement programme: ‘the A14 Challenge’. 

By spring 2012, it will have developed and assessed proposals including capacity enhancements on the Fen Ditton to Ellington section of the road. 

The Government will also look at the scope to relieve congestion by improving other modes including local roads, freight facilities and public transport.

It will consider whether improvements can be funded through innovative financing mechanisms including tolling.

This work will support the proposed development of new homes in Northstowe, Waterbeach and Alconbury. The Government will also consider tolls to fund other road infrastructure if appropriate."


Cambridgeshire County Council Leader Nick Clarke, said: "Government has listened to our arguments and I am really pleased they have agreed with us the road needs increased capacity and improved performance so that it can flow freely.

Its improvement is vital to unlocking housing and business opportunities at new developments such as Northstowe and the Alconbury Enterprise Zone."

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert: "We have waited for such a long time for this news; it is very welcome.
It will be a great relief for all those who travel on the A14 and see first-hand how dangerous this road can be.

Hardly a day goes by when there isn?t an accident on this road.  
I have always maintained that the best and fastest way to solve the problems on the A14 is through safety improvements rather than a massive new road building project.  

Now the government has taken this on board and I am hopeful that this work will be underway quickly."