A11: Next Stage In Roadworks

4 October 2013, 10:58 | Updated: 4 October 2013, 12:13

The first weekend closure at the Fiveways roundabout on the A11 begins today.

Overnight preliminary works have been ongoing since July this year in preparation for the reconstruction of the roundabout, which will take place during three weekends in October.

Roadworks are currently set up on part of the road, while construction work is done to enable it to become a dual carriageway between Fiveways and Thetford.

The entire project is costing £105 million.

This Weekend (10pm Friday until 6am Monday 7th October):

The A11 will be shut northbound from Red Lodge to Barton Mills (Fiveways) roundabout.

The diversion will add around 30 mins to journey times.

Left-hand lane closure on the A14 eastbound on the approach to junction 38 Waterhall Interchange with the A11.

No northbound access onto the A11 from either end of Newmarket Road.

No northbound access onto the A11 from The Street, Barton Mills.

A1101 Bury Road will be closed to traffic in either direction from 100 metres prior to the Barton Mills roundabout. 

The upgraded A11 was originally expected to be ready for drivers to use in Winter 2014, but could now open slightly earlier.

Geoff Chatfield from The Highways Agency said: "We are hoping, that in late Autumn 2014, that we will be may able to open most of the sections of road to traffic, but I can't commit to that at the moment."

Meanwhile The Highways Agency is urging drivers to obey the temporary speed limits in place during the roadworks.

Catherine Brookes, Service Delivery Manager for the Highways Agency, said:"Road workers do a difficult and dangerous job carrying out vital work to keep our roads safe and well-maintained. 

A11 Upgrade

But they face danger every day while working close to fast moving traffic, in all weather conditions, and often at night.

Speed limits, cones, and narrow lanes are there to keep road users safe, as well as provide a safe area for workers – often enabling us to keep roads open while essential work takes place. 

These measures smooth out the flow of traffic, give drivers more warning of hazards and reduce the risk of collisions involving road users and workers." 

To reduce the risk of incidents, The Highways Agency is asking drivers approaching roadworks to:

Keep within the speed limit - it is there for your safety.

Get into the correct lane in good time - don't keep switching lanes.

Concentrate on the road ahead, not the roadworks.

Be alert for works traffic leaving or entering roadworks.

Keep a safe distance - there could be queues in front.

Observe and comply with all signs - they are there to help you.

And be alert for road workers, the roads are their workplace.