A14: Almost One Crash Every Two Days

17 June 2013, 06:00


Heart's found out there was a crash almost every other day on the Cambridgeshire stretch of the A14, between 2009 and 2011.

Figures recieved from a Freedom of Information request from the Highways Agency show in 2009 there were two fatal, 18 serious and 127 slight crashes.

In 2010 there was one fatal, 22 serious and 142 slight crashes.

In 2011 there was one fatal, 20 serious and 124 slight crashes. 

In total over the three years there were 457 crashes.

Chart showing number of crashes on the A14

A fatal crash is one where at least one person is killed.

A serious crash is one in which at least one person is seriously injured.

A slight crash is one in which at least one person is slightly injured but no person is killed or seriously injured.

Police generic

Sean Vanlooy is the General Manager of Menzies Hotel in Cambridge, which is on the side of the A14. 

He has told Heart that being on the road is ''costing him money''.

He also said that if he could pick up his hotel and move it away from the A14, he would: "We tick all the boxes from the point of view of a wonderful golf course and a good hotel, but the A14 has detracted from that and people have ended up going to a golf hotel which doesn't have the problems with the road."

Sean also told Heart what he'd like done to improve the road, "More average speed cameras would certainly help from the point of view of people abiding by the law and driving at a sensible pace, and I think the size of the road, two lanes for the amount of traffic that uses this road, is ludicrous."