A14: Rise In Speeding Drivers

1 February 2013, 06:00

Heart has discovered the number of drivers caught speeding on the A14 in Cambridgeshire has risen by more than 60%.

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show 4,837 drivers were caught speeding on the Cambridgeshire stretch of the A14 in 2012.

That compares to 2,992 drivers the year before.

It equates to a rise of around 61%.

The figures include drivers caught by all types of speed cameras, such as the fixed average speed cameras between Cambridge and Huntingdon, and any mobile speed cameras deployed along the road.

Figures from Cambridgeshire Police also show the fastest driver caught on the A14 in 2012 was travelling at 118 miles per hour.

Ben Chalmers, who lives in Longstanton and commutes along the A14 into work in Cambridge every day, said: "The A14 just has too many cars on it - plain and simple.

It only takes one person to do something wrong and the whole road gets snarled up.

During my commute in the morning, I'm lucky if I reach 15 miles an hour.

In the middle of the day, you're lucky if you get up to 40 miles an hour, so I guess people caught speeding must have been doing it in the middle of the night."

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: "We are committed to cracking down on speeding drivers and making the roads safe for other motorists.

We will continue to target those motorists who break the law and anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted."