Arson In Derelict Buildings Warning

9 September 2011, 12:00

Safety officers want parents to make sure they know where their youngsters are as the next arson attack could result in deaths.

The warning from Cambridgeshire Fire and rescue service comes as firefighters have now been called out to five deliberate fires in derelict buildings at the former RAF Upwood site in Ramsey.

Andy Tucker, Risk Manager for Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue told Heart: "When people start these fires they have no idea about the potential dangers. A small fire can very easily get out of control and they could be trapped in a building".

Mr Tucker added: "Derelict buildings can be tempting for young people, but we are reminding them these buildings are extremely dangerous - especially if someone starts a fire inside.

If you are aware of young family members visiting (abandoned or derelict) buildings without permission - please help the Fire Service by making sure they know just how dangerous they can be."

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue also want building and building site owners to make life harder for potential arsonists by ensuring derelict properties are properly secured and reporting any suspicious behaviout to the police.

Station manager Richard Dykes says: "We will be working alongside Cambridgeshire Police as they increase patrols and security and will reduce the potential of arson at the site."


* Secure doors and windows with appropriate metal boarding

* Remove rubbish and other combustibles from the site; otherwise potential arsonists will be attracted and also encourage further fly-tipping

* Secure the perimeter of your property with fences and keep these maintained. Even a small gap will encourage people to enter the building

* Consider the use of security patrols on your property

* Consider installing burglar alarms and external security lighting