Beck Row: Man Guilty Of Murders

27 June 2012, 16:04 | Updated: 27 June 2012, 17:23

A man has been found guilty of murder following the deaths of two men at a travellers site in Beck Row.

Two men from Essex were shot dead at the travellers site on Willow Park, Beck Row, close to the RAF base at Mildenhall on the 15th March 2011.

Police were called following reports of gunshots, and reports of a fire on the travellers site, at just after 10:15pm.

Armed police were sent to the site and found a man dead on the ground at the entrance to the site.

A second man was found dead in the car.

Police also discovered a number of weapons [pictured] at Willow Park following the murders.

The men who were killed were later named as 29 year old David Castell and 20 year old Shane Hill, both from Southend.

Beck Row Firearms

Tests showed they died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Today (Wednesday) 29 year old Christopher Line from Beck Row has been found guilty of murdering both men.

He has been sentenced to life in prison, and ordered to serve at least 35 years.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Luckett from the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team said: "David Castell and Shane Hill were shot several times by Christopher Line with a shotgun, some of those shots were to head and at close range. 

His intention to kill them was clear. 

The manner of each death was described in court as “executions”.

It will never be completely clear why this happened but what is apparent is that a dispute between individuals escalated to an unacceptable level and resulted in these tragic deaths. 

I hope any person involved in anyway in the background to this matter realises the consequences of their actions and that this matter is now concluded.

Today's conviction and sentence shows the level of investigation which will be undertaken by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service to convict those who carry out such attacks.

I must of course thank the investigation and prosecution teams for preparing a detailed case but more importantly pay tribute to the families of both men who have maintained their quiet dignity throughout this traumatic case. 

I hope they can in some way now move on."

Tony Hill, stepfather to Shane Hill said: "We would like to thank the police for all their hard work and we are happy with the verdict today. 

It is good to see that justice has been done. 

We are aware that there are other culprits still out there involved in the circumstances surrounding this horrific attack on our son and we hope they are brought to justice soon."

Jane Grove, mother of David Castell said: "The verdict today will never bring David back. 

His family will always be left with a huge void where David should have been. 

His children will grow up never really knowing their Dad. 

Any sentence would never be as great a punishment as his family will live with.

I would like to thank the police for pursuing the case to the end to obtain the justice for David that he deserves."