Blessed Speaks On Cambridge Job

16 June 2011, 06:00

Brian Blessed has spoken exclusively to Heart about the possibility he may become the next Chancellor of Cambridge University.

The actor [pictured - right] could be in line to replace Prince Phillip, who has retired after 34 years in the role.

A campaign for Brian Blessed to replace him was launched by a group of Cambridge graduates, and his name has now been officially put forward after receiving the necessary number of nominations.

After accepting the nominations, he will stand in the contest later this year.

Brian Blessed Talks To Heart.

When asked what attracted him to the role, Brian said: "I think Cambridge University is so beautiful; the river, the buildings, the whole thing.

And of course they do great expeditions - I would love to join them on expeditions all over the world and promote adventure.

The key to the new millenium is adventure, and it is that that I want to urge.

The University has so many projects, so many enterprises, so many departments, it makes my hair stand on end with excitement at the prospect at working with them."

It's understood a vote to decide the next Cambridge University Chancellor will take place in late October or early November.

Brian also confirmed there is one particular activity he would enjoy taking part in were he to get the job: "I'd like to be there when they're training for the boat race [against Oxford].

I'd like to be sitting there and urge them on - I'd like to participate!".