Booze Powers For Ely Police

24 February 2011, 14:16 | Updated: 7 March 2011, 17:17

Police have been given new powers to confiscate alcohol from people drinking on green spaces around Ely Cathedral.

The new "Designated Public Places Order" gives officers the power to take alcohol away from people if they're acting in an anti-social manner.

The new order covers Cathedral Green, Cross Green, St Mary's Green and Cherry Hill.

However, people drinking responsibly, such as during a family picnic, will not have drink taken away from them.

A similar scheme has been run successfully in nearby Jubilee Gardens since last year.

Between 2009 - 2010, before the order was introduced in Jubilee Gardens, there were 17 reports of rodwy and inconsiderate behaviour and street drinking.

During 2010 - present, after the introduction of the order, police have had to deal with just one incident there.

Inspector Robin Sissons, Ely's new Police Chief, said: "There is a designated area where my officers can take drink from people if there is anti-social behaviour at the time.

The message is clear - if you're drinking alcohol in a responsible way, like a glass of wine with a family picnic, there is not a problem there at all.

It is more the anti-social stuff we're trying to tackle, like big groups of people getting drunk, shouting and littering."