Cambridge: £2m Transport Improvements Planned

9 December 2012, 07:45

Cambridgeshire County Council are being asked to approve a £2m transport boost for Cambridge aiming to reduce congestion, improve health and help support the growth of the local economy.

18 new schemes have been drawn up to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire area.

More than £2m has been secured from developers to pay for the improvements to the Cambridgeshire road network.

Included in the proposals are major projects such as; lighting along The Busway maintenance track, improvements for cyclists and pedestrians to Cherry Hinton High Street and traffic calming for Tenison Road (full list below).

If approval is granted by Cambridgeshire County Council, design and building work is expected over the next 5 years.

Funding has been secured by the County Council, working with Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils.

Councillor Ian Bates, Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning, told Heart: "This is excellent news for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. The measures will not only deliver valuable safety improvements to the road network, but will encourage people to make healthier travel choices and improve access to employment. Walking, cycling and taking the bus will all appear more attractive if we can make them safe and accessible for everyone.

If agreed at Cabinet on 18 December, consultations will be done with local communities particularly for the more significant proposals. 

The 18 schemes up for approval

* Lighting on the Guided Busway cycleway, from the City Railway Station to the Trumpington Park & Ride site and at Orchard Park, Kings Hedges, Milton Rd & East Chesterton
* Feasibility study into installation of a bridge over the railway line to link the Leisure Park with the City Railway Station
* Improvements to Long Road Cycleways
* Re-siting of the two Brooklands Avenue bus stops away from grass verges or provide paved areas and improvements to the shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians
* Radial Route Signing extended to include other major  routes in the area such as Babraham Road, Queen Edith's Way, Mowbray Road and Fendon Road
* Improvements to Cherry Hinton High Street to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians
* Feasibility study into improving Hauxton Road Bridge
* Refreshing cycle path and cycle lane markings around the Perne Road/Cherry Hinton Road roundabout and improvements at this roundabout to address traffic flow and safety issues
* Contraflow Cycling Signage following audit to identify need
* Tenison Road traffic calming scheme
* Removal of unnecessary street signage
* Extend footways and reduce road width at the Station Road/High Street, Histon junction to improve traffic flow and increase safety
* Review and improve existing traffic calming measures on Arbury Road, near King's Hedges Road
* Review bus delays and parking on Cambridge Road and New Road, Impington
* Shared use pedestrian/cycleway between Milton and Landbeach
* Safety improvements to cycle lanes on the Gilbert Road/Milton Road junction
* Shared use path between Ring Fort Road, Orchard Park and the A14 intersection at Histon
* Review and improve the existing traffic calming on Fen Road