Cambridge: 2nd Most Expensive City For Breaks

13 August 2013, 06:00

According to a new survey, Cambridge is the second most expensive city for an overnight break.

Research by TripAdvisor suggests the average cost for a hotel stay, pre-dinner Martinis, and evening meal out and taxi rides, for two people, is £275.32.

TripAdvisor looked at 20 UK cities for an August 2013 overnight break.

Nottingham has been named as the least-expensive city, the an overnight break costing an average of £164.73.

Edinburgh has been named as the most expensive, at £298.46.

Cambridge is also the most expensive city for an evening meal out. The average cost is £69.92. In London an evening meal for two averages at £54.47.

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TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay said: ``With the great summer we've been enjoying, staycations are sure to be a popular choice for UK travellers over the August bank holiday, but where you go will have a big impact on how much you're likely to spend.

``Generally, the further north you go the less you'll need to fork out for hotels and dinner, but there are some notable exceptions to that rule, so make sure you plan ahead.''

Least expensive cities:

Nottingham £164.73

Cardiff £167.51

Sheffield £175.81

Leeds £179.59

Bristol £180.32

Birmingham £183.82

Liverpool £186.97

Newcastle Upon Tyne £191.84

Glasgow £194.74

York £218.80

Most expensive cities:

Edinburgh £298.46

Cambridge £275.32

London £264.41

Brighton £261.41

Bath £251.28

Oxford £251.20

Aberdeen £222.72

Chester £222.35

Belfast £221.70

Manchester £220.55