Cambridge: Airport Starts Jersey Flights

12 May 2012, 10:16 | Updated: 12 May 2012, 10:39

After a 5 year gap the first holiday flight to Jersey takes off from Cambridge Airport today.

The service which did run in the 1950s will run during the Summer until September. 

The Airport's Deputy Chairman Terry Holloway told Heart: 'It's a great little regional airport, minimal check -in times, great facilities, they need to be there less than an hour before take off, they will be through customs, immigration, baggage, very, very quickly into a wonderful departure lounge, which we have just created, on the way back it's a small airport there will be no long queues.

'I reckon there will be a maxium of 20 minutes from getting off the airplane, collecting their baggage and being in the car. 

'We are developing it as a proper regional airport, we have invested in new facilities, there's an executive terminal, our existing old terminal has been re-vamped, updated with the most modern equipment. It's got the most modern security, baggage handling equipment that you would find in any other airport, everything you would find at Heathrow, or Gatwick or Stansted.'

More destinations will be added later this year, with flights to Dole-Jura near Dijon in France starting in a month's time.