Cambridge Burglary Crackdown

23 September 2010, 06:00

Police in Cambridge have now arrested fifty people in connection with an investigation into burglaries and cycle thefts in the city.

Officers have been working on the investigation, code-named "Operation Northwood", for a year.

They've raided dozens of homes across Cambridge since last Monday (13th September).

In the latest raids, on Wednesday, five arrests were made in connection with the investigation, including a woman at an address in London.

A total of 41 people have so far been charged in connection with the operation.

The latest are:

  • Owen Land, 34, of Brackley Close, Cambridge. Theft x9, handling stolen goods
  • Scott Reynolds, 23, of Alice Bell Close, Cambridge. Theft x15
  • Desmond Stephens, 31, of Somerset Road, Histon. Theft x7, handling stolen goods
  • Glenn Hollis, 28, of Kendal Way, Cambridge. Handling stolen goods
  • Lee Turner, 19, Conspiracy to commit burglary, Conspiracy to conceal/disguise/convert/transfer or remove criminal property
  • Joe Demartino-Ross (20) of Edgecombe, Cambridge. Theft (Charged on Wednesday)

A woman, 32 year old Kerry Endersby of Alice Bell Close, has been arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer.