Cambridge: Calls To Protect Pubs

11 July 2012, 12:48 | Updated: 11 July 2012, 12:59

The MP for Cambridge has called on the government to give pubs better protection from housing developers.

Recent statistics from the Cambridge branch of the Campaign for Real Ale show 23 pubs in Cambridge have shut down over the last five years, with many being sold to housing developers.

Now, Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has spoken in Parliament to call for the government to do more to protect pubs from being sold off, with houses built in their place.

Mr Huppert raised the issue after using Twitter to ask constituents which concerns they would like to see debated. 

Part of Mr Huppert's speech in the House of Commons reads: "The bill I seek to introduce today would help local communities to protect their shops and pubs.

It would tweak planning law, only slightly, to rebalance the playing field in their favour. 

Technically speaking, it would allow the use of locally determined use classes to separate local independent shops from chains, and supermarkets from other grocers, as well as new constraints on changing use away from pubs. 

And critically, it would be up to the local Council if they wished to use this; every area is different, and no Council would be forced to do this if it was not appropriate for their area."