Cambridge: Cam Bailiff Gets Stab Vest

22 April 2013, 16:04 | Updated: 22 April 2013, 16:11

The Bailiff of the River Cam in Cambridge is to be issued with a stab-vest.

It is the job of the Bailiff to ensure that boats using the River Cam are correctly licensed.

It's understood the stab-vest will not be worn all of the time, but rather when the Bailiff may enter a situation where there is 'potential for conflict'.

Chairman of the Conservators of the Cam John Adams said: "There will be times when he will be in conflict with certain people, or at least people will take exception to what he is doing.

He is issuing enforcement notices, offence tickets are stuck on boats, and these are potential conflict situations."

In the past on the River Cam in Cambridge, punts have been untied and sunk, punt touts have been accused of being overly aggressive and riverside premises have been broken into.