Cambridge: Dalai Lama Visit

19 April 2013, 10:39 | Updated: 19 April 2013, 13:06

The Dalai Lama is in Cambridge for the next two days for a Cambridge University event.

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, along with several other world-renowned leaders, will speak at the 2013 Global Scholars Symposium.

Each year, the Global Scholars Symposium (GSS) brings together the world’s leading scholars for three days of interactive talks, debates, and interdisciplinary workshops.
Established in 2008, the mission of GSS is to generate dialogue between prominent world leaders and the brightest scholars studying in the United Kingdom.
Executive committee member, Brianne Kent, said, “The Global Scholars Symposium aims to engage and inspire scholars to face the world’s most important global challenges.”

 Dalai Lama Cambridge

The theme of the 2013 Global Scholars Symposium is ‘The Next 30 Years: Bridging Ideas to Action’ and focuses on how Scholars can transform the ideas of today into action for tomorrow, and to use their careers to make positive changes in the world.
“The 2013 Global Scholars Symposium will build on the foundations set by previous symposiums, and continue to encourage the cross-disciplinary and inter-generational cooperation that is required to address the most persistent global issues."
The Dalai Lama will speak about ‘Non-Violence for Conflict Resolution’. His Holiness will guide a conversation with Scholars about how to inspire nonviolent resolutions to major conflicts.
Brianne Kent said: "We hope that his talk will provide a platform to motivate scholars to use their careers to help reduce violence and promote peace around the world,"