Cambridge Drivers Fined

1 September 2010, 13:43 | Updated: 1 September 2010, 13:47

More than 100 drivers have been caught travelling on a restricted road between two Cambridgeshire villages in just over five hours.

Only emergency service vehicles, mopeds and taxis have been allowed to use the old airfield road between Longstanton and Oakington since 1979.

However, drivers often use the road as a short-cut when the nearby A14 is congested.

Traffic officers caught 73 motorists travelling on the road illegally between 7am and 9:30am last Wednesday morning.

Later that week, during the Friday evening rush hour a further 45 tickets were handed out.

Police also seized one car for having no insurance.

Sgt Paul Rogerson said: "There has been a two-year consultation with the county council, Highways Agency, parish and district councils. The ruling is that the road will remain shut.   

The road does not appear safe for larger volumes of traffic and increased traffic causes a risk to cyclists.

We enforced the prohibition as requested by a number of local residents who have concerns about safety on the road. The 1979 order remains in place, local residents are advised to abide by the prohibition."