Cambridge: Firm Makes World's Thinnest Keyboard

6 September 2013, 06:00

A technology firm in Cambridge has developed a computer keyboard - only slightly thicker than a human fingernail.

CSR - who make Beats headphones and Nike running gadgets has made the ultra-ultra thin keyboard, with a flexible, wireless touchscreen just half a millimetre thick.

The flexible device, which is less than 0.5 mm thick, turns any area into a touch surface.

Paul Williamson, director of Low Power Wireless at CSR told Heart: "Consumers want innovative, portable wireless accessories that just work with their mobile devices. 

The ultra-thin touch surface we've developed is a perfect example of how Bluetooth Smart can give them just that."

The device uses a silicon to sense when a finger touches the surface. It's a flexible membrane which means it can be "printed" onto all sorts of tablet shapes and sizes.

CSR's ultra-thin touch surface will be officially unveiled to customers for the first time at an electronics show in Germany on Friday 6th September.