Cambridge: Fourth Man Jailed After Violent Robbery

22 December 2012, 08:00

A fourth man has been jailed in connection with a violent robbery in Cambridge.

22 year-old Isamil Sonmez (pictured), was locked up for a total of nine years at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday (Friday 21st Dec) for his role in a planned ambush in a city car park.

Three other men, Sertac Ozgurel, 26, Karim Douglas, 25, and Dennis Royes, 28, were each jailed for 14 years at an earlier hearing.

All four were convicted of robbery and causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

Sonmez, of Harts Lane, Essex, was also convicted of dangerous driving and banned from driving for three years.

The four travelled up to Cambridge from London on June 20 in a bid to scare off a rival gang.

They used a black BMW X3 to block in a Hyundai in the car park, in Riverside, before smashing their way into the car and dragging out the two occupants.

They slashed one with a meat cleaver and stabbed the other with a knife. Cash and a mobile phone were taken from the victims as the attack continued.

The victims were able to get back into their car and drive off.

They were pursued by the gang in the BMW but managed to escape and call police and ambulance. One of the victims was treated for a deep cut to his forearm while the other was treated for a small stab wound.

Details of the BMW were circulated to neighbouring forces. Essex officers spotted the car being driven at 130 miles per hour on the M11 heading to London. They stopped it and arrested all four occupants.

Detective Constable Kevin McCann, who led the investigation told Heart: "This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in Cambridge. Anyone who comes to the city to carry out such violence faces the prospect of being jailed for a long time."