Cambridge & Haverhill: Chemotherapy At GPs

16 March 2012, 13:40 | Updated: 16 March 2012, 13:49

Cancer patients can now get chemotherapy at GP surgeries in Cambridge and Haverhill, if they'd rather not go to Addenbrooke's Hospital for the treatment.

Chemotherapy nurses from Addenbrooke's Hospital are running weekly sessions at East Barnwell Surgery in Cambridge and at St Clement's Surgery in Haverhill.

The sessions in Haverhill are being held on Tuesdays and the sessions in Cambridge are running on Fridays.

It's hoped other GP surgeries in Sawston and Ely will also offer the treatment soon.

Dr Pippa Corrie,consultant medical oncologist in charge of the Cancer Outreach project, said: "Our trial showed that patients were generally happy with their treatment whetherdelivered in the hospital or the community. 

More patients would choose to receive treatment in the community, nearer to where they live however, if they had the choice in the future.

We hope the convenience of community treatment contributesto improving patients overall quality of life."

Rita Bateman, from Haverhill, was the new service’s first patient.

She said: "It’s just wonderful to be able to receive my treatment just round the corner rather than having to come into hospital. 

It is very welcoming and relaxing and I’m really well looked after; it’s just fantastic."

Cancer patients who would like to use this new service can get more information by speaking to their medical teams.