Cambridge: Man Banned From Mosques

16 August 2013, 18:27 | Updated: 16 August 2013, 18:33

A man from Cambridge has been banned from going near mosques and other Islamic buildings after posting racist messages on Twitter.

35 year old David Camp [pictured] of Thorpe Way was made the subject of an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) at Cambridge Magistrates' Court yesterday (Thursday) after admitting to posting a large number of anti-Islamic messages between April 1 and June 5. 

He also admitted to three further public order offences following a drunken outburst in the city on June 30 during which he shouted abuse at members of the public, Cambridgeshire Police said. 

During that incident Camp threatened to burn down a mosque and continued to shout abuse at the officers who arrived to arrest him. 

He was sentenced to a 12-month supervision order and a two year criminal Asbo was imposed, banning Camp from entering parts of Cambridge and Whitechapel Road, London, because of the proximity to Islamic centres. 

Sergeant Matt Gadsby said: "We enjoy a rich and diverse mix of cultures and religions in Cambridge and David Camp has caused considerable distress through his behaviour so we are pleased to have secured the order in full. 

This Asbo is fundamentally about promoting public safety and protecting the rights of the community, and will hopefully provide reassurance that we will not tolerate either racism or anti-social behaviour in any form.

Camp has now been given clearly defined boundaries by the court, and is aware of the penalty should he choose to ignore them. 

In publicising this matter we are now seeking the support of the community in promoting the effective reporting and enforcement of the order.''