Cambridge MP Wants Circus Animal Answers

13 October 2011, 06:00

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert is demanding answers about when circuses will be banned from keeping wild animals.

Four months ago, MPs voted unanimously for a ban but it is not yet know when it will come into force or how it will be regulated.

At the time, during a special debate on the issue Mr Huppert [pictured - above right] said there was "no room for the practice in a civilised society."

Mr Huppert will question the Environment Minister, Caroline Spelman, on the issue in Parliament today (Thursday).

Julian said: "It was absolutely clear that I and other MPs wanted this practice to end. I want to know what action the government has taken to implement this ban.

The sooner we act against this barbaric practice, the sooner we free animals from cramped conditions and mental stress. Torturing wild animals for the public's enjoyment should have been consigned to history long before now."

Circuses with wild animals have been banned from performing within the boundary of Cambridge for many years.

However, Mr Huppert says he has been "inundated" with letters from residents concerned about it happening elsewhere.

Earlier this year footage emerged of an elephant called Anne being attacked while being kept by a circus in a barn near Oundle, to the south-west of Peterborough.

Anna is now being looked after at Longleat Safari Park.