Cambridge: New Punt Guidelines

19 March 2012, 06:00

A new code of conduct has been launched for punt companies in Cambridge.

Those who sign up to the scheme must obide by the rules set out by the city council, or potentially face legal action.

The aim's for long-running rivalries between punt companies, and "hassle" from punt touts to be reduced.

Tourists can look out for a special kite mark, which is given to operators who comply with the code. 

Companies that sign up will be given the chance to sell their tours through the Tourist Information Centre.

Guidelines will limit touting to specific areas along the River Cam as part of a drive to improve the industry's reputation.

A 'Visit Cambridge' tourism survey in 2011, found an average of 23 touts operating daily in some of the most popular tourist areas.

The new code of conduct rules include commitments for punt companies to:

  • Prevent staff standing in the path of or obstructing prospective customers
  • Make sure staff avoid making gratuitous references to other competing operators.
  • Telling staff not to approach a prospective customer when they are in discussions with another tout.
  • Only operate from an authorised punt station or stations.
  • Maintain a register of all our staff's contact details to be used in the event of complaints.