Cambridge: Tour De France 'On Time & Budget'

27 December 2013, 06:12 | Updated: 5 February 2014, 12:06

With around six months until the Tour de France passes through Cambridge, organisers say plans are on time and budget.

A stage of the world famous cycle race starts in Cambridge on the 7 July 2014, following sections up in Yorkshire.

A new report suggests the event is expected to generate around £100 million pounds for the UK economy.

The Tour in 2014 will cover 349 miles of UK roads and spectator crowds along the route are estimated to be in the millions, making it one of the biggest free sports events ever to be held in the UK.

Sir Rodney Walker, Chair of TDF2014HUB Ltd said: "A huge amount has been achieved since it was announced that England would host the world's most prestigious cycle race in 2014. 

This is thanks to the hard work and collaborative approach of all the partners involved.

The publication of today's report demonstrates that we on track to deliver a spectacular sporting event in six months that the country can be proud of. 

However, we are not complacent as there is still a long road ahead and many challenges. 

This is shaping up to be the UK's biggest ever free sport event, and the economic benefit will be in excess of £100 million. 

I would urge all businesses to seize the opportunity and make the most of the UK being centre stage once again."

The next stages in preparation for the event during the next six months include:

January - Procurement plan published.

February - Start and finish operational plans finalised, volunteer selection underway.

March - Engagement with communities and business along the route.

April - Location of spectator hubs finalised, traffic and crowd management plans in place.

May - Safety plans signed off, "Fete de Tour" local events.